Airsoft Guns Every User Should Have Knowledge about

Are you a beginner starting out with Canada airsoft? Well, then it is imperative that you have varied know-how on the type of airsoft guns available. After all, without a clear concept, you won’t know the right kind of guns to invest in.

Depending on your requirements and game plan, normally there are few types of available guns. Now, let’s study about these, in brief, to help you understand which gun you need to invest in.Canada airsoft

Sniper Rifles

If your Canada airsoft game includes playing over an extended area then it is best to invest in the sniper rifles. These come equipped with telescopic sights that magnify the target from a distance and helps in getting an accurate shot.

Therefore, if you’re a player who is likely to operate from far away, get the sniper rifle.


If you’re using a sniper rifle already then you might be at a disadvantage in case your opponent tackles you up front. In such scenarios, the best option is to come equipped with a handy pistol.

These are lightweight and portable and can easily adapt to various situations. Further, these pistols generally fire a BB with every pull so it’s easier to get pull targets down.

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Assault Rifles

Unlike the SMGs and PDWs, assault rifles are also ideal for your Canada airsoft game. These offer the option of tackling both close ranges and far off targets, thus, boosting the player’s versatility.

Further, these come with longer barrels that double the velocity of the shot thus providing better accuracy.

PDWs and SMGs

Personal Defence Weapons (PDW) and Submachine Guns (SMGs) are one of the most common guns used in Canada airsoft. These are ideal for targeting close range targets that require swift and precise reactions.

Further, with shorter barrels, these are more portable and work on maximizing firepower.


Shotguns aren’t used mostly in airsoft games these days but are mainly beneficial to players that are in closer proximity to targets. Further, unlike their traditional counterparts that fired shots consecutively, today, shotguns are available in 3 shot modes which fire 3 BBs in unison.

This helps input more power in the shots making it easier to hit and take down opponents.

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Machines Guns

The role of machine guns is support and cover for the other players who are advancing enemy territory. Now, these are used for shooting out high-quality BB’s continually to thwart the opposition.

It is preferred that an experienced player uses this machine gun during the Canada airsoft tournament as these need be operated from a distance.

Further, these guns are bigger and heavier than sniper rifles and only the compact models offer maneuverability. A beginner thus, won’t benefit from using these at the beginning.

So, there you go, this sums up the types of airsoft guns to invest in for your tournament. Therefore, discuss your team’s strategy and find which area you find your placement in the field. Depending on that pick out the most useful gun to invest in for getting a maximum number of wins during the game. To find more about Canada airsoft continue reading!